Sealer iodado U.20

Physical characteristics of our iodine sealant 5,000 ppm, for Bovine use.

Rotating cow brush

The Weizur rotary brush promotes animal welfare, increases lactation productivity and prevents animal stress.

Patches for heat detection

Patches for detection of heat in cattle Celocheck.

Rubber floors for Tambo

Weizur Laboratory, official representatives in Argentina and Latin America of Kraiburg, German company that produces rubber floors and beds for cattle.

Milk filters Weizur

Milk filter resistance test for all milking machine models. Laboratory Weizur Argentina S.A.

Arming Tutorial Solar Heater Hidrosun

Brief tutorial on the assembly of our solar water heater HIDROSUN. Laboratory Weizur Argentina S.A.

CELOCHECK FLUO · Paint to mark cattle

Fluorescent paints for marking cattle and identifying cows in heat thanks to their de-painting after riding.
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