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  • Apron

    White milking apron

  • Colector Weizur 350 ml

    Weizur 350 cc milk claw. For high production dairy cows.

  • Dark bottom jar

    Dark bottom jar for mastitis detection.

  • Liner plug

    Tapón que simula el pezón de la vaca y que permite cerrar la embocadura de la pezonera y generar así el vacío necesario para el ordeñe.bloqueo de la entrada de la tetina.

  • Mastitis test paddle

    Mastitis test paddle. For quick detectin of elevated somatic cell count in milk samples.

  • Milking sleeves

    Milking Sleeves
    Made with exterior water-resistant material, interior non-woven material, elastic cuff and velcro t the upper ed for a snug fit.

    Easy to clean and wash.
    Keeps arms clean and dry
    Adjustable for a customized fit

  • Teat dip cup

    Non return design prevents contaminated chemical from returning to reservoir bottle.

  • Teat washing

    Special nozzle for teat washing

  • Washcloth for udders

    Washable cloth towel for cleaning of teats and udders.

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