THE MOST EFFECTIVE IODATED SEALERS We have a specialized line. new product ADVANCE SANITIZER KILLS 99.99* % HARMFUL GERMS & BACTERIA THE BEST SELECTION IN ANIMAL HEALTH More than 25 years of experience. WE HAVE A PRODUCT FOR EVERY NEED Hygiene, disinfection, veterinary, equipment, industry. GOOD EQUIPMENT THAT ENSURES QUALITY Equipment and accessories line.

WEIZUR IN THE WORLD Since 1992, Weizur has established itself as a leading Argentine company with a strong presence in Latin America SEE SUBSIDIARIES Weizur currently has production facilities in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and India and commercial offices in several countries around the world.
  • XXIV National Dairy Congress, Panama
    XXIV National Dairy Congress, Panama

    On August 14-16 th , 2019, Weizur participated in Panama´s XXIV National Dairy Congress “Challenges for Milk Production in a Globalized World”, organized by APROGALPA (Panama Dairy Farmers Association). Dairy farmers, research and education professionals, international organizations, and private companies were present at the event. During the Congress, our commercial advisor in Panama gave a presentation entitled “Practical […]

  • What is heat stress, and how do we prevent it?
    What is heat stress, and how do we prevent it?

    Cómo disminuir su efecto negativo sobre la producción de leche.
    Entendemos por estrés calórico a la incapacidad del animal de bajar su temperatura corporal, cuando la temperatura efectiva ambiente supera las condiciones de confort.

  • KISAN 2018
    KISAN 2018
    La feria mundial para líderes de la agroindustria. Weizur El equipo de Weizur en KISAN, en la mayor exposición agrícola de la India, que se llevó a cabo del 11 al 15 de diciembre en Pune. La feria La feria KISAN está organizada con el objetivo de crear una plataforma única para la comunidad agrícola [...]

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