AfiLab es un innovador analizador de los componentes de la leche que mide e indica la composición de la leche en forma integrada, en tiempo real, y para cada vaca ordeñada. El sistema recopila datos en forma continua, brindando información vital para mejorar la toma de decisiones por parte del administrador de la granja.

Milk quality is not only key for optimal dairy production, but also reflects the cow´s health and reproductive potential.  AFiLab is an innovative milk analyzer system that measures milk components in real time for each dairy cow. The system continuously collects data, providing vital information for decision-making towards optimizing dairy farm management.

AfiLab milk analyzer
The AfiLab milk analyzer is installed inline, at each milking point, to measure milk components – fat, protein, and lactose –  from each cow. It captures vital information for early illness detection and genetic improvement.

What Milk Components Show Us
Feed Efficiency – AfiLab alerts you to feed problems

As feed is the most significant expense for dairy farms, optimized feed control is vital:

  • Maintain optimal feed regimes.
  • Identify effects of ration changes.
  • Detect reduced feed quality.

Genetic Optimization
Accurate sensors automatically monitor the milk data at every milking (rather than monthly lab tests), delivering invaluable information for collecting supportive genetic data:

Afimilk MPC ICAR approved milk meter – accurately records milk yield. 
The database stores the information for every cow, for each milking,  every year.

Detection of critical health problems
Using the combined data of milk yield, conductivity, and milk components, we can detect diseases at the earliest stages: subclinical ketosis, sub-clinical mastitis, digestion problems, and more.


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