Diclozur teat dip bactericidal activity is based on chlorous acid-chlorine dioxide generation. Since both substances are chemically unstable, they must be generated on site, immediately prior to use, by mixture of sodium chlorite and lactic acid. Addition of glycerin provides optimal skin conditioning, promoting smooth, soft and healthy teats.

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Diclozur provides optimal disinfection of the teats, while the rich mix of emollients hydrate and soften the teat skin. All-natural ingredients; no unwanted residues in milk.

Indications for use

  1. Mix product with activator in appropiate amounts.
  2. Fill the plastic applicator with product. Completely dip each teat within 2 minutes after milking. Do not wipe off.
  3. Prior to next milking wash teats to remove dirt or teat dip residues.

18 L bucket + 600 ml activator

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