What is AfiActII?

 “Eyes that never sleep” :The next generation solution for high precision heat detection.

Achieving an optimal calving interval, which maintains high milk production levels, is essential for good dairy farm management. Many years of research have shown a direct and solid correlation between fertility and cow activity.

How do we increase pregnancy rates and decrease reproductive costs per cow?
AfiAct permanently monitors each cow´s activity and rest periods, which then are analyzed to provide accurate and time-sensitive heat detection. It identifies cows for insemination, and the ideal time to inseminate them. This results in higher pregnancy rates and lower days open.

Accurate Heat Detection, 24/7

  • Constantly collects and records each cow´s activity and behaviour, and detects any decrease in mobility, which may be associated to desease or lameness
  • Provides accurate detection of anestrus, abortion or cycling alterations
  • Records historic information on each cow´s heat patterns
  • Elaborates fertility rates, conception rates per bull and per inseminator

How does it work?

AfiAct II leg tag contains sophisticated motion detectors, designed to optimize the performance of the sensors, antenna communication, and remote reading. The tag wirelessly transmits information of the cow´s mobility (walking, standing, resting) every 15 minutes, and the data is analyzed by the AfiFarm software.

As a result, you always have the latest data about each cow, wherever they are located. It also means you no longer have to bring the animals to the Reading station to achieve this. Data is available 24/7 through any mobile device.


  • Higher heat detection than conventional methods
  • Low false-positive results
  • Data is updated hourly
  • Collects data from cows anywhere in the farm, 100 meters away and beyond
  • Easy to use and install
  • Wireless
  • Adapts to herds of any size

Considerably improves pregnancy rates and fertility, decreasing reproductive costs


Frequently asked questions
Do I need to buy tags for all the cows in my farm?
Having tags for all cows will allow optimal use of this system. Alternatively, it is recommended to cover at least all cows with similar calving date until confirmed pregnant at the second examination. Since the system detects abortions in any  trimester, it is recommended to keep tags on cows until confirmed pregnant again. This represents approximately 60% of total cows.

Do I need to remove the tag at dry-off?
Ideally, the tag remains on the cow at all times. Monitoring cows after dry-off has additional benefits, such as monitoring  wellbeing, (hygiene indicators, calving alerts, etc) which far outweigh the additional cost of the tag.

What is the range of the antenna?
Minimum range is 80 meters (~200 feet) in a confined space (such as a barn), and up to 200 meters (~600 feet) outdoors. In flat areas, the range may go up to 500 meters (~1000 feet), or more.

Can the system detect lameness?
This feature will be available soon.

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